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    Hi Halle,

    We are trying to add Replaykit to our APP, everything was fine, replaykit recorded everything user said, and openears worked well as usual.

    Only one issue i found recently is, say i start voice engine and replaykit recording at time point A,

    if i did not plug my earphone(with mic on it) before A, openears can recognize my voice normally, but after i plug my earphone, openears can’t recognize anythings, seems like it cannot hear any sound, and after i unplug the earphone, everything become normal again.

    else i plug my earphone before A, openears also recognize my voice normally, but after i unplug my earphone, it cannot recognize anything, and i plug my earphone again, it works again.

    So i don’t know if this is kind of issue you will support, would you give some hints about how to solve this?


    Halle Winkler


    Sorry, this is an audio coexistence issue that isn’t really possible to offer support for – it’s good news that it works as well as it does due to OpenEars’ support for mixing sessions, but there isn’t anything API-based that can accommodate the conflict between two frameworks which each need to own the audio session if one at some point takes the session over.


    Thanks for the quickly replay.

    I did not intend to get the ‘API-based accommodate the conflict’.

    I am just wondering, in your experience, can you give me some suggestions how i should do to solve this kind of issue (Since both frameworks are not open source, I can’t solve it at low level neither).
    But I can totally understand that if you cannot give me more advice due to the limit on the information that i provided or it is not in the ‘support range’.

    Anyway, Replaykit is the Apple official IOS 9 SDK, i think Openears should coexistence with it without issues if we use both framework correctly. Would you consider fix this issue to support Replaykit in newer Openears version.

    Halle Winkler


    There are a few audio-using APIs from Apple that you can’t run simultaneously with OpenEars (or other 3rd-party audio frameworks) because they need to override the required audio session settings for the other framework. That’s an expected result since the design of iOS is a singular audio session with overridable settings. In this case the Apple framework is changing the session settings that OpenEars needs, and in one case it prevents recording (but it sounds like it is doing well under most circumstances).

    (Since both frameworks are not open source, I can’t solve it at low level neither).

    You can make changes to your copy of the OpenEars source if you want to change its audio session behavior.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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